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You and your spouse find yourselves fighting or not speaking. Perhaps you are leading busy lives and just don’t feel as close and connected as you once did. There are countless things that cause couples to feel far apart from one another but thankfully there are also effective ways to bridge the gap. Marriage counseling at Indivisible Couples uses one highly effective couples counseling method to help you reconnect, heal, and love being married.

Maybe you like the idea of being part of an “Indivisible Couple” but for some reason couples counseling is not an option. Emotional, spiritual, and even relational healing and health can also be obtained through looking at, healing, and integrating all of the parts of ourselves. Too often we are “dis-integrated” and fragmented. Individual counseling at Indivisible Couples can also help you become the whole, peaceful individual you desire to be.

If you and your spouse are in conflict or want to rekindle your marriage, or you seek wholeness call me today.